. .The Economic, Military, and Social Integration of the United States

Eh? The War in Iraq… or even better yet: The whole Military-Industrial Sophisticated sucking the life blood out of Americana to begin with. Or, how about the whole hedonistic lifestyle of greed, avaricious appetites, and super sizing all things godly and ungodly–from Hollywood to Mega Churches; really, ours can be just a”city set on a mountain that cannot be concealed” nevertheless the closer you access to this glittering stone, the more it looks like that the”Little Shop of Horrors,” you know, that flesheating plant yelling out: Push me, Seymour! Conspicuous ingestion of some nation that spends 1.8 Billion more per day compared to entire globe united and locates herself a $14 Trillion in debt (nationwide Debt + Balance of Payment/Trade Debts) is a little too much, would not you state? –after all, she represents however 5% of the world’s population.

Come on, half the eagle is at a declared state of catastrophe and the overt identification by bigbrother of things individual is prepared and/or is itching to vie against American liberties after assumed sacrosanct by either the ACLU and the NRA from euphemistic laws referred to as Patriotic functions, last but not least, a cashless society at which each us are planted with processors awaiting true id and banking by means of scanning apparatus in your local Safeway hemp oil vs cbd oil.

The clock is ticking. Peak oil, at

American’s”zero sum game” is played out–that you profit that I have to unfastened –neglects to share her bounty with all the Asian creatures of China and India; and, clearly, they are significantly more than happy with our indulgence. Much like Rome, our legions one of the planet’s”states,” are stretched skinny –and the draft can’t be all that way off when we’re to keep economic advantage along with SUV-lifestyle (latest stats for the previous 2 yrs show that 58 percent of most vehicles ordered in america are SUVs, pick ups, or the usual gas guzzlers). And, as when those crazy consequences had beenn’t enough to abandon ship–throw in the worst natural catastrophe to frighten the home land: Katrina; guy, wait till we all fund that one!

Thus… isn’t it about time for you to flee to Canada or thoughts for the Mexican Riviera? Eh? Canada’s a secure haven for pot-people and samesex union marriage could be your rage. Crime’s relatively reduced compared to the lower 4-8 as well as also the death penalty has been weathered for almost thirty decades. Finally, most of the 125,000 viet nam period draft dodgers who fled to Canada adhered around and now constitute the major advantage of most of the aforementioned advanced lifestyle. Wow, we’re talkin’ about socialized medicine for all–a veritable paradise in contrast to the inflictions of them patriots down-under. Cheap medication (includes tons of cannabis), cheap housing, miniature military funding, etc. ), etc.) only a little cool, but you will become accustomed to it.

Finally, when Hollywood’s collective apoplexy over President Bush’s election is believed–we’re outta here… a few of them indignations (unfulfilled) are duly noted, if for nothing else, even their entertainment price. Notwithstanding the Hollywood celebrities and directors who promised exodus was the sole option underneath Bush–Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Robert Altman, Lynn Redgrave, Pierre Salinger (now dead ), along with Cher–found the allure of Babylon around the Hudson irresistible; so significantly for leftist vibratos. Misquoted or only plain pits –they abide over the walls of the crystal palace celebrating the celebration setting, since they star in a picture sequel into this”left out sequence ” entitled: Talk is Cheap, stick to Us.

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